Anime Watch: Kino no Tabi episode 11

kino no tabi 2

I’ve already seen all of the Kino no Tabi episodes, so this one, episode 11, is a repeat for me. I don’t remember the specific details of the plot, but I remember that I enjoyed. This is my first time watching it English dubbed, however. 

One thing that I love about Kino no Tabi is that the side characters, however little we see of them, are always very interesting and thought-provoking. This episode deals with themes of revenge, violence, and quests.

The first story, about a murderer who reforms himself and helps the wife of a man that he murdered. The twist is that she ends up shooting and killing him. Kino also reaffirms that her job is to simply observe human nature. It’s interesting to me how her answers to questions change as the person asking them change. 

The second story is about a woman who preaches nonviolence, but her guard protects her behind her back. She’s very visionary, but also very naive. Her whole “hatred breeds more hatred” thing is pretty smart, though. And her guard’s loyalty and love for her is touching.

I wonder if Kino ever feels lonely, touching so many people’s lives but never being about to stay in them. She seems to hint at this when her and Hermes are on the raft, but I think that she is more introverted, and long periods of thinking make her happy. She learns from them, and always appreciates encountering other people. 

Ooh, I forgot that this episode included the wise man story. There are so many morally gray areas in Kino no Tabi, and this episode highlights a lot of themes related to morality. For example, is it morally right to brainwash terrible criminals so they won’t even want to be evil?

Kino’s speech about the true blue sky acknowledges the idea that she views the entire world as beautiful, even with all of its flaws and sins. That is one of the recurring themes of Kino no Tabi.

Live Long and Prosper



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